NBBL Fulltegningsforsikring AS

NBBL Fulltegningsforsikring AS covers any financial loss incurred for the builder by unsold dwellings on the completion of new building projects. Projects with fully-subscribed insurance need to be characterised by their excellent ability to carry through their activities, their overall good quality and appropriate pricing. The company has special expertise in the housing market in Norway. The objective is to be a leading actor in Norway in housing market competence.

For more information, please contact one of our Project Managers:

Morten Ingebrigtsen
Tlf. 970 21 406

Eirik Sandberg
Tlf. 950 37 817
Matias Nylander
Tlf. 908 21 639
Hilde Søraas
Tlf. 909 87 975